Benjamin Sheridan

397 Bolt Action Pump Air Rifle .177 Caliber

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Manufacture ID: 397

The rich wood stock is carved to fit the arm and the eye for smooth, clean shooting. At 33 feet, it can deliver a half-inch group. It's accurate and it's forever.


- Caliber: .177
- Power Plant: Variable Pump
- Action: Bolt Action
- Barrel Type: Rifled
- FPE: 14.90
- Front Sight: Fixed
- Rear Sight: Adjustable
- Material: Hardwood
- Magazine: Rotary
- Trigger: Single Stage
- Stock Style: Wood
- Stock Material: Hardwood
- Safety: Crossbolt
- Primary Use: Pest Control, Small Game Hunting and Target Shooting

Warranty: Limited One-Year.

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